Rogue Flyfishers

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   The Rogue Flyfishers will host outings to many of the great fishing destinations our area has to offer. Some will be to favorite destinations we return to often. Others will be to new destinations we have not fished as a club in recent years. The outings will target a variety of fish in a variety of waterbodies. Besides being a lot of fun, the outings offer the opportunity to discover new fisheries, learn new techniques, and get to know fellow club members better.

David Haight, Outings Chair

January 1
Holy Water Chili Feed
Kim & Keith Hardcastle
January 28 - 29
Coastal Steelhead
David Haight
March 4
South Umpqua/Cow Creek
David Haight
April 15
Beginning Fly Fishing Class
John MacDiarmid
May 20
Lake Selmac
David Haight
June 2 - 5
Upper Williamson River
John Ward
June 17
Diamond Lake
Stephen Day
July 14 - 17
Sprague/Chewaucan River
John Ward
Upper Sacramento River
Will Johnson
August 19 - 20
Lower Rogue Halfpounders
David Haight
October 7
Steelhead Tournament
Keith Hardcastle
November 4
Fish Lake Tiger Trout
David Haight
January 1, 2018
Holy Water Chili Feed
David Haight